2017 MariaDB Developers (Un)Conference New York Presentations 

2017-05-09 Written by Ian Gilfillan

The 2017 MariaDB Developers (Un)Conference was held on April 9 and 10 in New York, and was kindly hosted by BNY Mellon.

Attendees of the 2017 New York Developers Meetup

Below are a list of the sessions with links to slides/Periscope where available.

Day One

*Welcoming talk: BNY Mellon and MariaDB (Zak Murad), MariaDB Foundation in 2017 (Otto Kekäläinen) – periscope
*What’s new in MariaDB 10.2 (Sergei Golubchik) – periscopeslides
*AliSQL’s roadmap and contribution for MariaDB (Xiaobin Lin)
*MyRocks overview and features (Yoshinori Matsunob) – periscopeslides
*No-Slave-Left-Behind (Jean-François Gagné) – periscopeslides
*Making Percona Monitoring & Management (PMM)/Percona Toolkit/Percona XtraBackup better for MariaDB Server (Peter Zaitsev)
*Instant ADD COLUMN (Tencent, Alibaba, Monty, Marko)
*MyRocks in MariaDB: why and how (Sergei Petrunia) – periscope
*Per-engine mysql.gtid_slave_pos (Jean-François Gagné) – periscopeslides

Day Two

*InnoDB in 10.2 and beyond (Marko Mäkelä) – periscopeslides
*10.3 Features (Monty Widenius) – periscope
*Temporal Support / As Of in 10.3 (Alvin Chang) – periscopeslides
*Let’s write history – Git best practices (Vicențiu Ciorbaru) – periscopeslides
*BuildBot and Travis-CI – improving development speed with airtight CI infrastructure (Otto Kekäläinen, Daniel Bartholomew) – periscope
*Collaboration in Spider development – slides
*Custom aggregate functions in 10.3 (Vicențiu Ciorbaru and Varun)
*Atomic operations and memory barriers in C (Sergey)
*Features of TMySQL / TSpider port into MariaDB (Felixliang/Vinchen)
*Query optimization features in MariaDB 10.2 (Vicențiu Ciorbaru) – periscope1periscope2slides
*Less passwords, more security – socket auth by default in MariaDB 10.3 (Otto Kekäläinen)
*The two little bugs that almost brought down Booking.com (Jean-François Gagné) – slides

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