Datometry Releases Hyper-Q Data Warehouse Virtualization Software Version 3.0


Enabling application mobility with support for advanced data warehouse features

San Francisco – August 10, 2017Datometry, the pioneer in adaptive data warehouse virtualization technology, announces general availability of the latest version of its flagship software product, Datometry®Hyper-Q version 3.0.

Hyper-Q makes databases interchangeable and enables enterprises to quickly adopt modern cloud or on-premise data warehouses with minimal risk, time, and cost. Enterprise business applications, such as custom applications, Business Intelligence tools, ad-hoc analysis, ETL, and ELT can now come alive instantly and natively in the modern data warehouse without going through expensive application rewrite projects.

New data warehouse features supported in release 3.0 of Hyper-Q include:

  • Stored Procedures are now supported by emulation in Hyper-Q 3.0. Typically, stored procedures—a staple of mature data warehouses—are not available in cloud-native data warehouses and, therefore, pose significant challenges in database re-platforming. Using Hyper-Q version 3.0, complex query workloads including stored procedures can now be executed immediately on cloud data warehouses that have no native support for stored procedures.
  • Recursive Queries allow applications to query hierarchical data and are extremely involved and technically problematic to re-write. With Hyper-Q version 3.0, existing data warehouse workloads that contain recursion are immediately supported for any modern cloud data warehouse.
  • Updatable Views is a commonly used feature in mature data warehouses that simplifies logical database design. Hyper-Q version 3.0 extends this functionality to any cloud data warehouse.

Mohamed Soliman, Chief Architect at Datometry, says, “Adding support for these key features to Hyper-Q version 3.0 has brought about feature parity and augments the capabilities of the modern data warehouses so that enterprise IT can future-proof their applications. The robustness and ease-of-use combined with performance and scalability ensures quick time to value for cloud-adoption initiatives.”

“At Datometry, we have solved one of the hardest problems that enterprises face when re-platforming to a new data warehouse: Hyper-Q gives enterprises unprecedented application mobility, freeing the application from the underlying data management system. This is the dawn of a new era where enterprises are free to innovate without being tied to data silos,” adds Mike Waas, CEO and Founder of Datometry. “The interest and traction we are seeing with Fortune 500 enterprises validates our vision and speaks to the timeliness of our technology.”

Datometry partners with leading cloud service providers and database vendors including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft, Pivotal, and Snowflake. Datometry Hyper-Q is available on the Amazon Marketplace and Azure Marketplace.

About Datometry

Datometry (www.datometry.com) is revolutionizing how global enterprises can gain competitive advantage by up-leveling their data management to become cloud-native quickly and effectively. DatometryÒ Hyper-QÔ is a category-defining solution that accelerates the digital transformation of enterprise IT by eliminating the costs and risks of adopting new data management technologies and lets the enterprise realize significant savings, innovate faster, and increase the speed of business. Hyper-Q is powered by Datometry’s proprietary technology developed by an expert team of database researchers and engineers. Datometry is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Media Contact: Sonya Pelia at press@datometry.com

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