VoltDB Accelerates Access to Translytical Database with Enterprise Lab Program

New lab program empowers enterprises to derive deeper insights from real-time data with low-risk, low-cost access to the VoltDB data platform 

BEDFORD, Mass. – Sep. 21, 2017 – VoltDB, the enterprise-class translytical database that powers business-critical applications, today announced an Enterprise Lab Program to accelerate the impact of real-time data analysis at large enterprise organizations. By participating in the Enterprise Lab Program, organizations will have free access to an enterprise-grade version of the VoltDB data platform to quickly build and test new real-time applications or add real-time capabilities to existing applications, driving more intelligent insights and actions.

Digital transformation is forcing organizations to leverage new technologies to help drive innovation and deliver new solutions that provide a competitive advantage.  However, inflexible technology is often cited as one of the top barriers to digital transformation. The Enterprise Lab Program empowers developers to build and experiment with the VoltDB data platform in a flexible, pre-production environment with new open source offerings and existing legacy applications.

VoltDB’s Modern Enterprise Architecture

VoltDB is built for the modern enterprise architecture. Tried and tested at extreme scale in the world’s leading applications, VoltDB enables organizations to ingest, analyze and power millions of business critical decisions per second. Combining transactions and analytics, VoltDB is the industry’s fastest in-memory database, arming organizations with the right insights at the right time before opportunities are lost.

“VoltDB’s high-performance, in-memory database helps Openet to reduce the total cost of ownership for our solutions and scale to meet the escalating demands of mobile data,” said Niall Norton, CEO at Openet. “VoltDB’s new Enterprise Lab Program gives us the freedom to experiment and innovate more quickly, developing new real-time solutions that deliver immediate value to our customers and extend our leadership position in telecommunications digital business support systems (BSS).”

“Organizations have to innovate and evolve quickly and intelligently to compete in today’s data-driven world, and can’t afford to invest in solutions that don’t deliver the desired impact,” said Madhup Mishra, head of products at VoltDB. “The VoltDB Enterprise Lab Program takes the risk out of building new applications or enhancing existing applications, delivering a cost-effective and powerful environment for testing the impact of real-time capabilities.”

 Pricing and Availability

The Enterprise Lab Program is now available for enterprises for free. Those that sign up for the Enterprise Lab Program receive an annual license that includes one quick-start session, with the option for an additional standard and premium support contract.

For more information, please contact sales@voltdb.com.


About VoltDB

VoltDB provides the only in-memory translytical database for applications that require an unprecedented combination of data scale, volume, and accuracy. Unlike other databases, including OLTP, Big Data, and NoSQL, only VoltDB supports all three modern application data requirements: VoltDB processes data points from millions of users and sources; ingests, analyzes, and acts on data in milliseconds; and data managed by VoltDB is accurate all the time, for all decisions. Organizations rely on VoltDB to modernize their applications. VoltDB was founded by a team of world-class database experts, including Dr. Michael Stonebraker, winner of the coveted ACM Turing award.

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