Datometry Launches SaaS Offering for Automated Analysis of Data Warehouses

SaaS offering for automated data warehouse analysis

Producing Unprecedented, Actionable Insights for Enterprise Data Warehouse Replatforming Initiatives

San Francisco – April 4, 2018 – Datometry, the leader in Adaptive Data Virtualization™ technology, announces Datometry qInsight™ Spring 2018 Release, a SaaS offering that provides detailed insights into data warehouse application workloads for replatforming initiatives. Using these unprecedented and actionable insights, enterprises can reduce the risk of data warehouse modernization initiatives and create cloud migration plans in weeks, instead of months, and without impacting production environments.

As a part of this automated and fast analysis, qInsight summarizes the functional, operational, and performance characteristics of the workloads; assesses the compatibility of the workloads with the target cloud data warehouse; helps prioritizes workloads based on compatibility; and, provides a feasibility analysis which includes a timeline for implementation.

“Our customers have, in the past, spent months of manual effort on the type of analysis that Datometry qInsight completes in weeks. For many customers, it is the first time they are getting full visibility into their 30-year-old data warehouses and are amazed at the depth and breadth of insights and analysis they now have at their fingertips.” says Deepak Patel, Head of Products at Datometry. “With the availability of qInsight, Datometry has provided another vital product that will enable enterprises to quickly and successfully complete cloud data warehouse replatforming initiatives.”

Mike Waas, Founder and CEO of Datometry, adds: “Paradoxically, the biggest challenge in database replatforming is not the actual migrating of the database content but the rewriting of the applications. This is frequently underestimated, even by experienced and seasoned IT practitioners. A study by Gartner estimated that 50% percent of all replatforming projects fail, go over budget, or run late because of this challenge. With qInsight, we are providing enterprises an unprecedented look-before-you-leap visibility into replatforming.”

Datometry partners with leading cloud service providers and database vendors including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Pivotal and is available on Microsoft Azure MarketplaceAWS Marketplace, and Pivotal Network.

About Datometry

Datometry (www.datometry.com) is empowering global enterprises to gain competitive advantage by up-leveling their data management to become cloud-native quickly and effectively. Datometry Hyper-Q™ accelerates the digital transformation of enterprise IT by eliminating the costs and risks of adopting new data management technologies and lets the enterprise realize significant savings, innovate faster, and increase the speed of business. The company’s SaaS offerings are powered by proprietary technology developed by an expert team of database researchers and engineers. Datometry is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Media Contact: Sonya Pelia at press@datometry.com

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