Redis Labs Broadens Redis Enterprise Capabilities

Showcases new innovations in its graph and search modules and new integrations with Kubernetes and Intel 3D Xpoint at RedisConf18


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. Apr 25, 2018 — Redis Labs, the home of Redis and provider of Redis Enterprise, unveiled several new Redis Enterprise capabilities at RedisConf18 that expand Redis use cases while setting new industry standards for performance and simplicity. These include:

  • A new engine for the RedisGraph module based on GraphBlas – uses linear algebra to express Graph algorithms. This pioneering approach brings two orders of magnitude higher performance for RedisGraph in multiple use cases compared to existing graph databases and simplifies its operation in a distributed setting.
  • New distributed aggregation capabilities for its popular RediSearch module – deliver greater operational analytic capabilities such as built-in min, max, average, count distinct, percentile functions as well as grouping, sorting and filtering of search results.
  • Expansion of its unique CRDT-based active-active geo distribution capabilities  to all major Redis data-types, including sorted sets and lists. In addition, tunable causal consistency is now supported by Redis CRDTs. With causal consistency, application developers can achieve close to strong consistency characteristics when running globally distributed application, without being affected by the wide area network latency.
  • Integration with Kubernetes primitives  delivers multi-tenancy, agility and economy of scale using a unique approach to deploying a stateful, persistent and highly available Redis data service at scale and in a platform-independent manner.
  • Redesigned Redis on Flash – takes advantage of the new Intel persistent memory based on 3D XpointTMtechnology. This new technology provides performance comparable to traditional DRAM memory for multi-TB datasets on a single, two socket server, so customers can see significantly lower total cost of ownership with dramatic performance improvements.
  • A new Redis Enterprise benchmark delivers 50M ops/sec at sub-millisecond latency with a modest size cluster of only 26 EC2 instances.

“The new capabilities being demonstrated at RedisConf today and tomorrow further establish Redis Enterprise as the most efficient database to deliver a wide range of data processing functionality with uncompromising speed and agility,” said Yiftach Shoolman, CTO of Redis Labs. “The tremendous pace of these innovations will keep Redis at the forefront of solving the most challenging real-time application needs of enterprises globally.”

RedisConf18, the fourth-annual gathering of more than 1,200 Redis users and experts from around the globe, opened in San Francisco today. To keep up with the latest on RedisConf18, follow us on Twitter @redislabs#redisconf. To find out more about RedisConf18, please visit

About Redis Labs 
Redis Labs, home of open source Redis, the world’s fastest in-memory database platform, provides Redis Enterprise, as a cloud service and as downloadable software, to over 8,200 enterprise customers. The high performance, true high availability and seamless scaling of Redis Enterprise, are top-ranked by industry analysts, and power use cases such as high speed transactions, queuing, user session stores, and caching, in e-commerce, social, personalization, IoT, metering, fraud detection and other real-time applications. Redis, voted the most loved database, rated the #1 cloud database, #1 database on Docker, #1 NoSQL datastore, and fastest growing NoSQL database, reduces application complexity, simplifies development, accelerates time to market and provides unprecedented flexibility to developers.

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