Aurea uses McObject’s eXtremeDB® for ultra-fast analysis


3 December 2018, London & Seattle: McObject®, developer of the ultra-fast database system for real-time and historical data analysis, eXtremeDB®, announced today that the database is now being employed by Aurea’s CX Messenger, a workflow and process automation system. CX Messenger allows enterprises to integrate new technologies into their infrastructure quickly and without risk; eXtremeDB has increased processing speeds by orders of magnitude.

eXtremeDB is being used for CX Messenger, an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), as a fast-caching mechanism which shares data with and across Java Virtual Machines (JVMs). The database enables Aurea to create a Java service which can fast-feed data into the JVM matrix to be used when solicited by other services downstream and across stream.

According to Aurea, eXtremeDB’s high-speed capabilities of inserting and retrieving is far ahead of other database systems, some of which were used by Aurea in the past. With 500,000 records per front-end database cache to process, Aurea needed to increase the speed of their previous database, which took 1.5 seconds to process a single record, and over 8.5 days to process all the records. eXtremeDB allows Aurea to do this in under 14 seconds, with each record taking only approximately 0.00005334 seconds to process.

Chris Mureen, McObject’s COO, said: “Our database has been built with services like Aurea’s in mind, but even we were impressed with the enormous improvement in processing times achieved by eXtremeDB. We are pleased that our product is helping companies extend their service range; our clients’ success is what matters most to our team and we consistently work to surpass our performance records and set new ones.”

McObject, founded in 2001, has been and is constantly anticipating and meeting the requirements of the market. A market leader, its database has been employed in virtually every industry including aerospace, financial trading, telecoms and technology.


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