NuoDB Operator achieves Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification, Available in the OpenShift 4 Integrated OperatorHub Marketplace

Red Hat OpenShift customers gain access to distributed SQL database to support Kubernetes-based applications

 Cambridge, MA – May 08, 2019 NuoDB (Red Hat Summit booth #410), the distributed SQL database company, today announced the NuoDB Operator achieved Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification and is available on Red Hat OpenShift. The NuoDB Operator will also be available, a community Operator registry launched by Red Hat in early 2019 in conjunction with AWS, Microsoft, and Google Cloud. will pull the NuoDB Operator image from the Red Hat Container Catalog, a container ecosystem that is designed to deliver certified, trusted, and secure application containers to end users. Now, Red Hat OpenShift customers can search and select NuoDB using the preferred service catalog approach when deploying Kubernetes-based applications. An extension of an existing collaboration with Red Hat, today’s announcement underscores NuoDB’s commitment to making it easy for customers to modernize or build next-generation applications. Learn more about NuoDB’s container-native database.

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●        Learn more about our collaboration with Red Hat

●        Watch how you can extend your OpenShift ROI with NuoDB by deploying  a continuously available native SQL database from within OpenShift

●        Get started with NuoDB on Red Hat OpenShift

●        Join NuoDB and Red Hat for an Open Demo webinar on May 14 at 1 PM ET

The newly available NuoDB Operator easily configures and deploys the NuoDB Community Edition (CE), allowing users to build, run and manage a NuoDB database natively inside Red Hat OpenShift. Users also have the option to deploy the database with a sample SQL application that generates SQL activity on the database, allowing them to more quickly experience NuoDB in action. Users can then enable NuoDB Insights, a graphical dashboard that provides insight into the performance and overall health of the database, to learn how the sample database performed. Armed with this information, users can better understand, optimize and troubleshoot the database, making it easier to effectively evaluate NuoDB in Red Hat OpenShift.

“In working with NuoDB in the Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification we are thrilled that NuoDB’s Operator is available on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise Kubernetes platform,” said Julio Tapia, director, Cloud Platforms Partners Ecosystem, Red Hat. “Kubernetes Operators are appealing because they help encode the human operational logic normally required to manage services running of a Kubernetes-native application and aim to make day-to-day operations easier. By providing Operators on Red Hat OpenShift, users can begin experiencing the next level of benefits from a Kubernetes-native infrastructure, with services designed to ‘just work’ across any cloud where Kubernetes runs.”

In the future, NuoDB plans to further advance the NuoDB Operator container-native functionality by supporting operational use cases including backup and recovery, rolling upgrades and database partitioning. NuoDB also plans to extend container-native support of Kubernetes by supporting popular Kubernetes managed services such as Google GKE, Amazon EKS, and Azure AKS and publishing to their respective marketplace offerings. Visit us in booth 410 at Red Hat Summit to watch a live demo of our Operator.

“Our database was designed from inception to support modern architectures, including containers, without sacrificing performance, SQL dependency, and availability. Inclusion in the Red Hat Container Catalog enables forward-thinking users to more easily access and evaluate our innovative distributed SQL database for the long-term success of their digital transformation initiatives,” said Joe Leslie, Senior Product Manager, NuoDB.

Learn more about how we’re working with Red Hat in an Open Demo with Matt St. Onge and Joe Leslie on May 14 at 1 PM ET.

For more information about the NuoDB distributed SQL database, visit

About NuoDB

NuoDB is a distributed SQL database platform company that helps enterprise organizations solve the highly complex and expensive database challenges they face when trying to move enterprise-grade, transactional applications to the cloud away from an antiquated, monolithic database solution.

For technical organizations who are determined to adopt a distributed, cloud-first strategy through hybrid-cloud, container-native, microservice and other modern architectures, NuoDB is the only solution that offers them the flexibility to choose while not sacrificing performance, SQL dependency and availability.

With a platform that runs on-premise, agnostically in any public cloud or on top of partner solutions, NuoDB is already helping the most digitally advanced enterprise organizations achieve a data management architecture that extends the competitive advantages gained by cloud adoption.

NuoDB, backed by database visionaries Roger Sippl, Gary Morgenthaler, and Mitchell Kertzman, is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, USA, with offices in London, Dublin, Belfast, and Bulgaria. For more information, visit


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