Undo releases Live Recorder 5.0 to make debugging in multi-process systems significantly easier

Equipping software developers with enhanced tools to diagnose and treat mission-critical software failures

SAN FRANCISCO – June 26, 2019 – Undo, the leader in software reliability based on software flight recorder technology, today released Live Recorder 5.0 – a breakthrough product and first to solve the costly problem of reproducing and debugging non-deterministic defects in multi-process systems. This enables software developers to greatly improve quality for their customers and deliver at velocity.

“Over 60 percent of enterprises are adopting multi-process architectures for business-critical systems like networking, transaction processing and security, and when defects occur it can wreak havoc on development schedules and customer satisfaction,” said Undo CTO Greg Law. “Identifying exactly how certain components interacted with each other, or with shared resources, at a certain historical moment is generally not possible, but with Undo’s advanced Live Recorder 5.0, developers are able to eliminate all of that time-absorbing work by revealing the exact coding process that led to that defect.”

Unlike other distributed trace and logging tools which only track service calls, Live Recorder 5.0 goes much deeper to provide complete insight into what’s going on within each process, line by line of code–memory, threads, program flow, service calls, and more. To make this possible, Live Recorder 5.0 record & replay and time-travel debugging capabilities have been enhanced with:

  • Multi-Process Correlation (MPC) of Shared Memory – Records the exact order in which processes altered shared memory variables. You can even zero-in on specific variables and skip backward to the last line of code–in any process–to have altered the variable.
  • Thread Fuzzing – Exposes potential defects by randomizing thread execution to help reveal race conditions, crashes, and other multi-threading defects.
  • Microservices Support – Live Recorder 5.0 can record and replay the execution of individual Kubernetes and Docker containers to help resolve defects faster in microservices environments.

Undo is trusted by some of the world’s largest technology companies, including SAP, IBM, Cadence Design Systems and Mentor, a Siemens business, and gives companies 100% certainty about the factors that led to any software failure, even in the most complex software environments.

Undo’s professional services team is available for pre-testing, performance optimization and ongoing training as needed. Everything can be done remotely, which increases efficiency and reduces response time for customer service inquiries.

For more information on Undo and its services, including Live Recorder 5.0 please visit https://undo.io.

About Undo
Undo is the only software reliability platform that can record and replay every aspect of software execution with absolute certainty. Built for mission-critical software, Undo is trusted by the world’s largest technology companies to quickly resolve issues in complex applications through innovative software flight recording technology. Undo’s Live Recorder enables engineering teams to record and replay the execution of any software program, no matter how complex, to diagnose and fix the root cause of any issue in test or production. With offices in Cambridge, UK and San Francisco, CA, Undo’s solutions are used by thousands of software engineers across leading technology companies including SAP, Cadence Design Systems, Mentor, a Siemens business, and Micro Focus.

Media Contact:
Leigh Martinez

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