Computing and the National Science Foundation, 1950-2016

Peter A. Freeman, Georgia Tech (Emeritus)
W. Richards Adrion, UMass Amherst (Emeritus)
William Aspray, University of Colorado Boulder 

This account is the first comprehensive coverage of NSF’s role in the extraordinary growth and expansion of modern computing and its use. The book traces how NSF’s support has provided facilities and education for computing usage by all scientific disciplines, aided in institution and professional community building, supported fundamental research in computer science and allied disciplines, and led the efforts to broaden participation in computing by all segments of society. 

Today, the research and infrastructure facilitated by NSF computing programs are significant economic drivers of American society and industry. For example, NSF supported work that led to the first widely-used web browser, Netscape; sponsored the creation of algorithms at the core of the Google search engine; facilitated the growth of the public Internet; and funded research on the scientific basis for countless other applications and technologies.  This book will appeal to historians of computing, policy makers and leaders in government and academia, and individuals interested in the history and development of computing and the NSF. 

ISBN: 9781450372763 | PDF ISBN: 9781450372749 | Hardcover ISBN: 9781450372770    

Morgan & Claypool Publishers 

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