Embedded EthiCS @ Harvard: bringing ethical reasoning into the computer science curriculum.

Ethical reasoning is an essential skill for today’s computer scientists. The Embedded EthiCS distributed pedagogy embeds philosophers directly into computer science courses to teach students how to think through the ethical and social implications of their work.

  • Why Embedded EthiCS?The aim of Embedded EthiCS is to teach students to consider not merely what technologies they could create, but whether they should create them.Learn More about us
  • Who are we in Embedded EthiCS?Embedded EthiCS is a collaboration between philosophers and computer scientists.Meet the Embedded EthiCS Team
  • How does Embedded EthiCS work?Embedded EthiCS integrates ethics modules into courses across the standard computer science curriculum.Explore course modules
  • What’s happening in Embedded EthiCS?Read News and Publications about Embedded EthiCS.
  • Be part of Embedded EthiCS!
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