Creating Reliable Software

Maximize the impact of Continuous Integration using Software Flight Recording Technology

Executive Summary

In a world where every company is a software company, the ability for software engineering teams to deliver high quality software at a productive level is the difference between companies that succeed and those that fail.

But let’s face it, software failures are inevitable. Despite the best efforts of software engineering teams, there are too many situational factors outside of their direct control that can cause the software to fail. As teams add new features, new processes, new microservices, and new threading to their code, the risk of unpredictable failures grows exponentially.

This white paper examines the delta between the adoption rate of best-practices employed by organizations to streamline software development and the failures accruing in their backlogs. It concludes that a new class of technology is required to take a zero- tolerance approach to failing tests and provides a framework for any organization to take the first steps towards doing so.

LINK to DOWNLAD .PDF (registration required)

By reading this white paper, you will learn:

  • why CI best-practices can’t always keep backlogs clear of failing tests
  • how a new class of reliability solutions tackles this issue head-on
  • how to implement a five-step approach to realize success with CI

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