Uber, The Trade Desk, and Other Exciting Presenters at Virtual Vertica BDC 2020. Vertica BDC is a virtual and FREE event

Vertica BDC is a virtual and FREE event

Posted March 16, 2020 by Mike PerrowSenior Product Marketing Writer/Editor

Ever wonder how Uber, the world’s largest ride-hailing service, manages communications and billing for hundreds of thousands of inquiries and rides per day? Or how ad-tech companies like The Trade Desk process those ad bidding wars in milliseconds, the ones that end with a display ad on your screen that’s eerily relevant to your web search?

This year’s Vertica Big Data Conference will spotlight both of these companies, as they explain how they use Vertica’s blazing analytical speed and extreme data management to handle some of today’s biggest big data challenges. Now that the Vertica BDC is a virtual and FREE event, there’s more reasons than ever for you to tune in with your big data colleagues, as they gain insights and tips from Uber, The Trade Desk, Domo, MassMutual, GoodData, and other Vertica power users.

Rocking the “drive” in data-driven: Vertica @ Uber scale

Focused on providing easy, dependable transportation for customers around the globe, Uber depends on a data-driven decision process that handles core business processes, like predicting rider demand at different times of day or during special events, resolving passenger and driver communications issues, detecting fraud, helping with new driver sign-up, and other critical needs.

As the data analytics engine behind Uber’s data warehouse, Vertica hosts curated datasets that model core Uber business information about rides, food, trips, etc. via compute clusters. It processes hundreds of thousands of SQL queries every day from all major business units. Uber supports this high query volume while maintaining over 99.9% availability with a replicated cluster setup that tolerates cluster downtimes and maintenance schedules with no user impact. During their BDC presentation, you’ll learn how Uber manages this setup, and how it seamlessly integrates into the rest of Uber’s vast data ecosystem.

How ad-tech insight delivers a competitive edge 

Online advertising works. Which is why it’s such a huge and competitive business, at more than $100 billion in online ad sales last year, and growing much faster than the TV ad space. To keep pace with the largest companies in online advertising, ad-tech businesses are constantly looking for some unique competitive advantage – a way to offer customers value that the other players struggle to provide.

The Trade Desk (TTD) provides one of the world’s largest demand-side platforms for real-time ad pricing and placement for online advertisers. TTD works to stay ahead of their competition by giving customers highly accurate, up-to-the-minute reports on where ads run, plus metadata on where, when, who, and other details about ad performance. But running two, 320-node clusters that handle many petabytes of data, reporting presents several big challenges.

In this presentation, you’ll learn how TTD uses Vertica in Eon Mode to separate compute and storage, while matching their bursty reporting demands and managing some of the largest data sets in the Vertica install base, not to mention the entire industry.

Register for the BDC today!

Uber and The Trade Desk are just two of the many Vertica customer stories you will hear at this year’s BDC, now a virtual and free event from March 30 to April 1. Register today, and join leading industry experts and Vertica engineers for two virtual days of applied use cases and real-world insights into the transformative power of data. Learn how to unlock the true potential of your analytics initiatives and explore the latest Vertica innovations and solutions ecosystem at the Virtual Vertica Big Data Conference. More than 20 sessions will be delivered live, with even more available after the event for on-demand viewing.

See you online! And be sure to check on the latest offerings from Vertica Academy, the online training portal that delivers self-paced courses, webinars and certifications, product documentation, and much more for the big data enthusiast.

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Mike Perrow

Mike Perrow
Senior Product Marketing Writer/Editor

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