Ethical Implications of AI–Series of Lectures

Frankfurt Big Data Lab, Goethe University Frankfurt.

Started on: April 22 at 2pm  (CET Berlin time)

Ends on: June 18, 2020

Remote:  Zoom video call

Time: Wednesday and Thursday from 2pm to 4pmBerlin time (CET)

– Open to all interested people. – No fee required.

Schedule, videos and copy of the presentations:

Content, Resources and Instructors:

YouTube Playlist of the videos of the recording of the lectures:

Frankfurt Big Data Lab, Goethe University Frankfurt.

Ethical Implications of AI and AI Tools Lab: Schedule (as of May 8, 2020)

22.04.2020The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
(Prof. Roberto V. Zicari)
 [slides] [video]
23.04.2020 The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
(Dr. Emmanuel Goffi)
 [slides] [video]
28.04.2020AI Tools Lab
29.04.2020Ethics, Moral Values, Humankind,
Technology, AI Examples.
(Prof. Rafael A. Calvo)
 [slides] [video]
30.04.2020 Ethics, Moral Values, Humankind,
Technology, AI Examples.
(Dr. Emmanuel Goffi)
 [slides] [video]
05.05.2020 AI Tools Lab
06.05.2020On the ethics of algorithmic
decision-making in healthcare
(Dr. Thomas Grote)
07.05.2020Fairness, Bias and Discrimination in AI 
(Prof. Gemma Roig) 
[slides] [video]
 12.05.2020 AI Tools Lab
 13.05.2020AI and Trust: Explainability, Transparency
(Prof. Dragutin Petkovic)
[slides] [video p1] [video p2]
 14.05.2020AI Privacy/ Responsibility/Accountability;  Safety;  Human-in the loop
(Dr. Magnus Westerlund)
 19.05.2020 AI Tools Lab
 20.05.2020 AI and Trust
(Dr. Christopher Burr)
 26.05.2020 AI Tools Lab
 27.05.2020Introduction to Z-Inspection:
A framework to assess Ethical AI
(Prof. Roberto V. Zicari)
 28.05.2020Legal relevance of AI Ethics
(Prof. Florian Möslein)
 02.06.2020 AI Tools Lab
 03.06.2020AI Fairness and AI Explainability software tools
(Romeo Kienzler)
 04.06.2020Design of Ethics Tools for AI Developers
(Dr. Carl-Maria Mörch)
 09.06.2020 AI Tools Lab
10.06.2020Insights from the work of the
German Data Ethics Commission
(Prof. Christiane Wendehorst)
16.06.2020AI Tools Lab
17.06.2020Increasing Trust in AI
(Dr. Michael Hind)
18.06.2020Assessing AI use cases. Ethical tensions,
Trade offs.
(Dr. Estella Hebert)

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