Couchbase Connect Online 2020 CALL FOR PAPERS Submit Your Proposal

Couchbase Connect Online 2020 
 CALL FOR PAPERS Submit Your Proposal 
 Do you have a Couchbase tutorial, application, integration, or algorithm you’d like to share with your peers?
Then we’d love to hear your story at Couchbase Connect Online this fall.
Connect Online is a gathering of developers, architects, engineers, and other technology and business leaders who are passionate about building amazing user experiences for customers, employees, and partners using any of the Couchbase products.

This year’s event will focus on:
What’s new and what’s next for Couchbase Server and Couchbase Mobile

The latest on Couchbase Cloud, our award-winning Database-as-a-Service

Tapping Kubernetes’ power in our newest Autonomous Operator release

Tips and tricks for using N1QL, our SQL-based query language for JSONDeep dives on SDK’s, distributed ACID transactions and scaling our
analytics servicesAnd that’s just what we’ll talk about.

But we want to go further by inviting the entire Couchbase community including partners, open source users, engineers, commercial developers and customers.
We welcome your expertise on these or related topics that would be of interest to the Couchbase community.
 Submit Your Proposal 
  2020 Couchbase Community AwardsDo you have an innovative NoSQL project? We encourage you to nominate yourself, or any other deserving individual or organization, for the 2020 Couchbase Community Awards! The categories are Innovating the Edge, Cloud Computing, Advanced NoSQL Architectures, and Community Architectures and Innovation.
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