Title: Speed Up Application Response Times With High-Performance Caching Duration: 42 minutes Available On Demand


Caching your frequently used data in memory can dramatically improve application response times and significantly cut costs by reducing workloads on backend systems and networks. But, it also introduces the challenge of maintaining a single source of truth and a system of record while keeping data in multiple places.

In this webinar we explore why caching has become a mission-critical strategy to boost application performance and efficiency in distributed environments that support millions of users. You’ll learn: 

  • The top use cases for modern distributed caching
  • Key strategies for efficient and highly available cross datacenter caching
  • Best practices to improve application performance while reducing cost and complexity
  • Why leading businesses choose Couchbase over Oracle, MongoDB, and Redis for a high-performance caching layer, flexible source of truth, and reliable system of record


Jeff Morris

Jeff Morris
VP, Product and Solutions Marketing
For over thirty years, Jeff Morris has been a passionate technology marketer and product manager who loves differentiating products and celebrating customer successes. In the past, he helped separate graph databases from the larger NoSQL market at Neo4j, defined “data products” at SaaS analytic provider, GoodData, and worked for two other Open Source Software vendors, starting with Sendmail before the turn of the century.


Sponsored by Couchbase.

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