Goethe Interactive COVID-19 Analyzer

Compare Covid-19 outbreaks, create your own plots!

Claudius Gros
 / Fabian Schubert / Carolin Roskothen
Institute for Theoretical Physics — Goethe University Frankfurt


How to use / Support

  • Select the same country multiple times to compare fatalities/case counts
  • Rescale the y axis to see if the case counts of two or more countries are functionally similar,
    rescale both x and y axis to compare XI representations (daily vs total case counts);
    can be done both for case counts and fatalities.
  • Shift the timeline of a country by a few days to match the onset of the outbreak.
  • n-day centered moving averages are provided; examples: 
    n=3: mean of previous-, current- and subsequent day
    n=1: raw data
  • Examine total or per capita data
  • Pick a custom color by clicking the color wheel   
  • Export your plot to a png-image, using   
  • For support please contact Fabian Schubert: click to show email
  • Additional functionalities are planned.

Representations of an Epidemic Outbreak

Covid-19 Data Sources


  • The Goethe Interactive COVID-19 Analyzer is free to use.
  • Graphics produced can be used both for private and commercial purposes,
    when including the disclaimer “Produced using the Goethe Interactive COVID-19 Analyzer”.
  • Online publications need to include a link to this website.

Data Protection

  • We notify that the used Covid-19 data may contain errors and inconsistencies.
  • Please take the note of the data privacy statement.

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