Embedded World 2021 Virtual Date: 2 March 2021 Time: 4:45:00 PM – 5:15:00 PM (CET)ID: 10305

Title: Deterministic Database Management in Mission-Critical Applications

Presented by McObject Co-founder and CTO Andrei Gorine Session 1.6 Data Management. Admission: Free

Mission– and safety-critical systems software designs embody key characteristics for which temporal correctness is essential. Deterministic, predictable, fully controllable software components that complement real-time operating systems offerings are in demand.

The evolution of data management in aerospace, railroad, process control, and autonomous systems has driven the use of off-the-shelf database systems. It is commonly believed that meeting timing requirements is a matter of sufficiently increasing system throughput.

However, research and industry projects have often brought forward temporal aspects and timing constraints for database transactions. We will discuss the objectives of deterministic, predictable database management in real-time systems, and how extensions to DBMS transaction schedulers can add semantics and enforce transaction priorities and deadline scheduling. We will then focus on the practical aspects of the design and demonstrate its use in application patterns.

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