Fault-Tolerant Distributed Transactions on Blockchain

Suyash Gupta, University of California, Davis,
Jelle Hellings, University of California, Davis,
Mohammad Sadoghi, University of California, Davis

Morgan & Claypool Publishers

Blockchains provide data transparency. Blockchains ensure data integrity by using strong cryptographic primitives. Blockchains are decentralized, democratic, and resilient. 
These fundamental concepts and the technologies behind them—
a generic ledger-based data model, cryptographically ensured data integrity, and consensus-based replication—prove to be a powerful and inspiring combination, a catalyst to promote computational trust.

In this book, we present an in-depth study of blockchain, unraveling its revolutionary promise to instill computational trust in society.
The book offers a comprehensive overview of theoretical limitations
and practical usability of consensus protocols while examining the
diverse landscape of how blockchains are manifested in their
permissioned and permission-less forms.

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