“Build on Redis” Hackathon: Winners

Developers are at the core of what makes Redis one of the most popular and most loved databases. This year at RedisConf 21, we hosted the “Build on Redis” Hackathon, our largest one to date! Today, we are thrilled to announce the winners of the $100K in prizes!
At the Hackathon, participants explored a wide range of possibilities within the Redis portfolio, leveraging the advanced capabilities of our real-time data platform. Specifically, we asked them to use the ecosystem of modules such as RediSearch (4x–100x times faster than the market leader), RedisJSON (10x faster), and so on. We were eager to see what they came up with and boy, did they deliver! And from all the responses, it looks like every participant had a blast.

Here are a few quotes from the winners:
I had worked with Redis as a cache before, I had no idea you could do so much more with it! It’s easy to use and it’s FAST.”—Niek Candaele, Software Engineer, Stampix (Project: Feature Creep)

It was a lot of fun learning all the new features of Redis while participating in the hackathon! It’s so much more than just a cache now.”—Tinco Andringa, Lead Engineer, AeroScan (Project: Topscorio)

The hackathon was an awesome opportunity to learn more about Redis, notably the powerful modules I haven’t used before. Building my first ever graph database was easy using Redis, its documentation and its client libraries were great.”—Mitch Ward, Sr. Engineer, Datadog (Project: NYC Bike)

The hackathon was so much fun and I learned a lot. Thanks, Redis Labs!”—Matteus Hemström, Software Engineer (Project: Pizza Tribes)

Redis and Redis eco-system has a lot of offer for data scientists and engineers taking their ideas into production“—Dr. Alexander Mikhalev, Tech Lead, National Building Society (Project: The Patterns)
Check out all 52 winners!

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