meetup. Data Intensive Applications: Fireside Conversation with Oliver Schabenberger. Thursday, January 13, 2022 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM EST

321 W Davie St· Raleigh, NC


Is data intensity the new KPI?
Hybrid Meetup
Raleigh, North Carolina @SingleStore Office
January 13, 2022


Technology trends in the past decades followed a familiar innovation pattern: from machines to computing technology to data technology. The increase in technology intensity we are experiencing is an increase in data intensity.

Data intensity increases naturally as more constraints are connected to the data: variety, volume or velocity, geographic distribution, diverse types and structure, diverse use cases, automation privacy, security, number of producers and consumers, etc. The concepts of data intensity and data complexity will be important in the coming years to measure digital maturity and resilience of organizations.

We want data intensity to increase, but it can lead to complexity and friction if not properly managed. While data intensity today is mostly an attribute of applications, in coming years many organizations will have objectives, key results and KPIs tied to data intensity to capture their digital maturity and resilience.

Come join us for our first ever SingleStore meetup in the New Year. You’ll get to hear from Oliver Schabenberger, Chief Innovation officer and check out the amazing Raleigh office. There will also be ways to learn about employment opportunities with SingleStore as well as sweet custom swag giveaways. We can’t wait to see you and meet face to face at the start of a fresh year!

Speaker: Oliver Schabenberger, Chief Innovation Officer, SingleStore

Oliver Schabenberger is Chief Innovation Officer at SingleStore. He is a former academician and seasoned technology executive with more than 25 years of global experience in data management, advanced analytics, and AI. Oliver was previously COO and CTO at SAS, leading software innovation. Oliver holds Master of Science and PhD degrees from Virginia Polytechnic.

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The SingleStore Raleigh meetup group runs events on developer education about distributed databases in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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