Tutorial: Working with LLMs at Scale–June 15, 2023 @ 9 am Pacific

Speaker: Yujian Tang, Zilliz

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What will you learn

In this hands-on tutorial, we’ll introduce LLMs and two main problems they face when it comes to production. First, high cost. Second, lack of domain knowledge. We then introduce vector databases as a solution to this problem. We cover how a vector database can facilitate data injection and caching through the use of vector embeddings.

Then we’ll use this knowledge to build an LLM application using LlamaIndex and Milvus, the world’s most popular vector database.

What you’ll need:

  • Python 3.9 or above
  • A basic understanding of vectors and databases

Topics covered

  • What is a vector database
  • Why do LLMs face data issues?
  • How to deal with data issues in an LLM

Meet the Speaker

Join the session for live Q&A with the speaker

Yujian Tang is a Developer Advocate at Zilliz. He has a background as a software engineer working on AutoML at Amazon. Yujian studied Computer Science, Statistics, and Neuroscience with research papers published to conferences including IEEE Big Data. He enjoys drinking bubble tea, spending time with family, and being near water.

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