On CloneTab. Q&A with Venkat Meka

One thing that makes CloneTab so special is that the Enterprises and Mid-Market can finally have a petabyte plus level cloning solution to drive operational excellence with their Enterprise Applications at optimal performance” – Venkat Meka, Director, CloneTab, Inc

Questions asked by Ramesh (CV) Chitor

Q1. Venkat, what is special about CloneTab and what is its unique value proposition for end users

In the current marketplace, data sizes have only been grown from petabyte to exabytes. CloneTab is the only software which can virtualize and provide true end-to-end on-demand clones of ERPS (like Oracle e-Business Suite, Oracle PeopleSoft) or any database. CloneTab can also provide an integrated solution for virtualization, cloning, Disaster Recovery, Backups and Oracle EBS Snapshots. 

CloneTab’s Exclusive Oracle EBS Snapshots feature will empower customers to rollback patches and conduct tests that change data, multiple times effortlessly.

Q2. That’s helpful. However, do we not have native database vendor tools that also offer this? Why do customers leverage CloneTab, and what is their view point?

While native database vendors may produce partial final product (e.g. cloning), CloneTab guarantees the comprehensive end-to-end solutions that enterprises desire.

Customers care for operational expenditure optimization and speed of cloning. Downtime of any type is undesirable and expensive. Large database practices can benefit from shorter cloning times and ultimately, it impacts Enterprise’s ROI. In a rapidly changing technology-driven world, companies simply cannot afford to fall further behind with respect to their competition. This is where CloneTab provides a rapid way to clone and hence reduce overall costs of the Enterprise.

Q3. What Databases and Applications does CloneTab Support 

Our Architecture is built to support any database and Enterprise application. We started with Oracle Database, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle PeopleSoft. For our end users, it makes sense to leverage CloneTab when there is a need to clone large data sets. Anything over a tens of terabytes is a perfect fit for CloneTab. CloneTab is deeply ERP application aware , not just Databases. We are extending support to all major databases both SQL and No-SQL based on size and end user needs.

Q4, Can you share key success metrics that Enterprises have realized using CloneTab?

While mileage and ROI metrics vary per customer and engagement, we have seen 50%-90% improvement in Cloning time on an average. This time can be used by personnel and compute resources to pick up new technology or reinvest the shared gains into emerging projects. 

Q5. What is your ideal customer profile?

In our experience, our Ideal customer is running Enterprise Applications and their DBAs, and business leaders are looking to cut down on precious time that they can save as their data grows and their priorities expand. Customers running Oracle Databases, or Oracle Enterprise ERP Applications, whether in OCI, AWS or on-prem would be good fits.

Q6. Where can we get more details on CloneTab?

CloneTab is at Oracle World from September 17-21. You can find us at Booth #47 at Oracle Cloud world to schedule a demo. You can also reach us at info@clonetab.com or get more information at https://www.clonetab.com   

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