Dr.François Bancilhon, Chairman of the Board at UCOPIA Communications.

François Bancilhon

François is currently Chairman of the Board at UCOPIA Communications.

François was the chairman and CEO of Mandriva, one of the top world Linux publishers. He joined Mandriva (then Mandrakesoft), in 2002 and was instrumental in the turn around and reshaping of the company.

Prior to Mandriva, he was the CIO of SomaLogic, a bio-tech company based in Boulder, Colorado, the CEO of Arioso, an Internet startup in Denver, Colorado and the CTO of Ardent Software, a Data Warehousing company in the Boston area. In the 90’s, he co-founded and directed O2 Technology, an object database software vendor, in Versailles, France.

Before being an entrepreneur, François was a researcher at INRIA, France, at MCC in Austin, Texas and a Professor at the University of Paris.

He is also a co-founder of several high tech companies and is chairman of the board of Ucopia, a Paris wifi start up.

François holds an engineering degree from the École des Mines de Paris, a PhD from the University of Michigan and a Thèse d’État from the University of Paris XI. He wrote numerous articles on relational, deductive and object databases, was the editor of 2 books, has been a member or chairman of program committees of multiple international conferences.