Prof. Barbara Catania, University of Genova

Barbara Catania


Barbara Catania is Associate Professor at the Department of Computer and Information Sciences of the University of Genova, Italy, where she is the head of the Database and Information System Group.

In 1993, she graduated from the University of Genoa, Italy, in Information Sciences. She received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Milan, Italy, in 1998. She has since been Visiting Researcher at the European Computer-Industry Research Center of Bull, ICL, and Siemens in Munich, Germany, and at the National University of Singapore.

Her main research interests include: deductive and constraint databases, spatial and geographic databases, XML and Web databases, pattern management, indexing techniques, and access control. On these topics she has published several papers in refereed journals and in proceedings of international conferences and symposia.

She is also a co-author of the books “Indexing Techniques for Advanced Database Systems” 1997 (Kluwer Academic Publishers), “Intelligent Database Systems” 2001 (Addison Wesley), “Introduction to Database Systems” 2003 (McGraw-Hill Education, Singapore).

She has served and will serve as: Co-Chair of the DataX Workshop at EDBT ’04 and at EDBT’06; Co-Chair of the First ECOOP’00 Workshop on XML and Object Technology (XOT’00); Publicity Chair of the 7th ACM Symposium of Access Control Models and Technologies (SACMAT’02).

Barbara is in the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Web Information Systems (IJWIS). She is a member of the ACM.