Prof. Asuman Dogac, Middle East Technical University Software R&D Center of TUBITAK

Asuman Dogac


Prof. Dr. Asuman Dogac is a full professor of Department of Computer Engineering at the Middle East Technical University and the founding director of the Software Research and Development Center. She is a graduate of Department of Electrical Engineering, Middle East Technical University and was a post-doc at the University of California, Los Angeles in 1981. Her research interests are sensor data management and sensor infrastructures, semantic Web, agent infrastructures for e-Business, agent based workflow management systems, distributed object management, multi-database systems, object-oriented databases, interoperability of heterogeneous systems, query optimisation, and transaction processing. Prof. Dogac has also done consultancy work to the industry in these areas.

In 2004, Prof. Dogac received IBM (USA) Faculty award. She is an Associate Editor of ACM Special Interest Group on e-commerce (ACM SIGecom) Newsletter, editor of Journal of Distributed and Parallel Databases (Kluwer), editor of Journal of Very Large Databases (Springer) and editor of Information Systems Management and e-Business Management (ISeB, Springer-Verlag). She has published more than 100 papers in refereed international conferences and journals such as Communications of the ACM, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Journal of Parallel and Distributed Databases. She is the co-editor of the book entitled “Advances in Workflow Management Systems and Interoperability”, Springer-Verlag, 1998.