Leon Guzenda, Objectivity

Leon Guzenda


Leon Guzenda is Chief Technology Officer of Objectivity, Inc.

Leon Guzenda was one of the founding members of Objectivity, Inc. in 1988 and one of the original architects of Objectivity/DB. He has had a strong interest in objects since using Simula in the mid-1960s to model automation systems during a pre-University year in industry. His B.Sc was in Electronic Engineering at the University of Wales. It was one of the few courses in the United Kingdom at that time that offered undergraduates substantial access to both analog and digital computers.

After graduating he worked for Time Sharing Limited, the first company to deliver a fault tolerant dial-up and dedicated line time sharing system. He built the DBMSs and applications for several early database projects, including the original Thames Flood Barrier Project and the New Scotland Yard Criminal Vehicle Index. He became involved with the CODASYL DBTG specifications for network databases in 1971.

He moved to International Computers Ltd. In 1972 to join the team working on the ICL 2900 range of computers. He worked on operating systems for the first two years, and then he was appointed design and development manager for ICL’s 2900 IDMS product. He moved to ICL Dataskil in 1976 and as Principal Project Director he delivered major database projects for the MoD, NATO and leading multinationals.

He moved from England to California in 1983 to work with former colleagues at Automation Technology Products. He managed the development of the ODBMS for the Cimplex solid modeling and numerical control system and the Factory Automation Information Management product.

He met the other founders of Objectivity, Inc. in 1988 and they decided to build a robust, scalable, high performance ODBMS for the engineering, scientific and real-time markets. Always a strong believer in standards, he was one of the proposers of the comp.database.object forum on Usenet and was a strong proponent of object-oriented standards at the Object Management Group, Object Database Management Group and many industry-specific standards groups.

His current responsibilities include working with Objectivity’s customers and partners to deploy Objectivity/DB in leading edge applications, primarily in government, defense and industrial systems.

He has published papers for, or spoken at, a wide range of venues, including ACM/IEEE, Autofact, CERN Summer School, CITO, HIPOD, IFIP, Management Roundtable, PADDA, the Royal United Services Institute, Supercomputing, Telemanagement Forum, the Very Large Database series and WorldView.

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