Hiroshi Miyazaki, Fujitsu Ltd

Hiroshi Miyazaki

Hiroshi Miyazaki is a system engineer at Fujitsu Ltd. where he works on object-oriented technology.

Currently, he works on Software Process Engineering Metamodel (SPEM), Enterprise Distributed Object Computing (EDOC), UML 2.0, and Business Semantics of Business Rules. In 2005, Miyazaki was installed in the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) committee for UML, which is based on ISO/IEC 19501 (UML 1.4.2), to establish the Japanese standard specification of UML.

From 1990-1993, Miyazaki worked at the Information Promotion Agency to research deductive program derivations, especially using VDM, Z specification, and Dijkstra-Gris method. He participates in Object Management Group (OMG) since 2000.