Hans van Oosten, Da Capo al Fine

Hans van Oosten


Since 2004 van Oosten runs his own company Da Capo al Fine. Broad experience of 25 years with and within software is available to help organisations develop their business successfully with good software.

Hans van Oosten has studied technical physics at the university of Twente.

In 1979 he joined Philips and developed automatic test equipment for the production facilities.

In 1987, he became a product manager for the national sales organisation of Philips, responsible for software and software development of the P9000 UNIX computer. This responsibility was followed by the marketing function of development environments for software.

In 1992 he became a consultant for the COHESION program of Digital with special attention to the OO approach. In that capacity he designed and implemented software engineering environments. Chief experiences have been in the application of the OO approach to the problem field of application integration, employment of QSM services for the assessment of an IT development organisation and the improvement of software engineering practices within projects.

From 1997 till now he works as consultant for organisations, which have questions about the development, the policies, and the support of software in their business.

Hans acted as a speaker and later as chairman on the OMG information days in the Netherlands since 1996.