Prof. Tore J.M. Risch, University of Uppsala

Tore J.M. Risch


Professor in Database Technology at University of Uppsala, Sweden since 1999.

Contribution to ODBMS.ORG


Founded Uppsala Database Laboratory doing research on data integration, query processing, engineering databases, and scientific databases. External funding by ASTRON, SSF, KAW, EU, VINNOVA, and VR.

5/1992 – 9/1999 University of Linköping, Sweden, Professor in Engineering Databases. Reserach on database support for engineering and telecom applications. Produced 8 Licentiates and 6 PhDs. Organized two international conferences. Member of the ACTNET network on active databases. External funding by SSF, EU, NUTEK, and TFR.

1/1988 – 4/1992 Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Palo Alto, USA, Computer Scientist. Research on query optimization and storage management in a main-memory based ObjectOriented DBMS.

3/1989 – 9/1991 Stanford University, Visiting scholar in the database group. Research on mediators between application programs and databases to handle, e.g., knowledge partitioning, data integration, and monitoring data bases for ‘interesting’ state changes.

9/1983 – 12/1987 Syntelligence, Inc., Sunnyvale, USA, Principal architect, designer and developer of Syntel expert system product.

4 – 8/1983 SRI International, Menlo Park, USA, Computer scientist in AI laboratory working on Prospector expert system.

1/1982 – 4/1983 University of Uppsala, Research associate. Developed Mimer-PG product.

1/1981 – 1/1982 IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose, USA, Postdoctoral fellow. Research on knowledge representation using definitional equations interfaced to System R.

1/1975 – 1/1981 Uppsala University, Sweden, Doctoral student. Thesis on a meta-database system, Lidam, that contained knowledge of how to generate optimized database access programs for two different DBMS (IMS and Mimer) using a high level declarative query language.

2/1974 – 12/1974 Research Institute of National Defense (FOA), Sweden, Military service as research associate. Developed Lisp system used commercially in Ericsson’s PLEX compiler.

2/1972 – 1/1974 Uppsala University, Sweden, Research associate. Research on program transformation techniques.

PhD in Computer Science at Linköping University, 1978, topic areas: Databases, query processing, meta-databases.
Postdoctoral fellow at IBM Almaden Research Center during 1981, database group.