Dr. Reinhold Thurner, Metasafe

Reinhold Thurner


Dr. Reinhold Thurner is founder of the Metasafe GmbH in Switzerland, which developed an entity-relationship based DBMS. His main interest is in software engineering, modeling and representation of information systems, sematic models and development tools. Since 2002 he is active as member of the board and of a banking service center. He held various positions as system architect in the banking industry especially in projects to restructure or reconstruct core banking systems. For several years he served as the president of the Swiss Computer Society (then named SVD). Before he founded a software company (Delta) which developed an application generator for portable applications. The system was used by about 500 mostly large institutions to develop large batch and online-TP applications mostly for mainframes. In 1989 he sold the company. He received his doctorate from the University of Zürich with a thesis on the implementation of Operations-Research-Algorithms. Then he developed systems software for Unisys computers and economic models. He lectured on software engineering at the University of St.Gallen.