Tom Jell, Siemens


Tom Jell is Director for the department Mobile Business, Embedded and Distributed Systems and Intelligent Labels (RFID) and Senior Principal Consultant in the Service Line System Integration at Siemens Business Services (Munich, Princeton and Seattle). He does top management consulting and projects for Mobile Business Solutions, Structured Information Processing and Intelligent Labels (RFID) Systems.

Tom has been involved in object-oriented software technology since 1987. Current primary focus is in introducing modern technologies like RFID, ComponentWare, CORBA, MS .net, Java, WWW, XML, SGML-based publishing into today’s customer solutions.

His reseach focus is on Distributed Object Computing, Fault Tolerant industry systems and Reliable Systems. He’s the author of the books “Objektorientierte Programmierung in C++” and Editor of “Component based Software Engineering”. He is Honorary Member of the ComponentWare Consortium and founding member of the LICON Logistics Group.