ICOODB 2008 Conference Papers published

ODBMS.ORG, a vendor-independent non-profit group of high-profile software experts lead by Prof. Roberto Zicari, today announced the exclusive publication of selected conference papers presented at the ICOODB 2008- the International Conference on Object Databases in Berlin on March 13 and 14, 2008.

“ICOODB 2008 was the first international conference focused on object databases in this decade. The conference was a great success, and reflected a re-increased interest in this subject area,” says Roberto V. Zicari, Editor of ODBMS.ORG.

The initiators and conference chairs of ICOODB 2008 were Stefan Edlich at TFH-Berlin and Jim Paterson at Glasgow Caledonian University. The conference program was composed of 23 speakers and saw over 150 conference attendees from all over the world.

One of the main topic at the conference and in the related discussion was about the future direction of object databases. One main question was if new developments should be user driven or standards driven. This discussion was triggered in particular by the keynotes of Mike Card, who chairs the ODBT group in OMG to advance object database standardization, and by Prof. Kazimierz Subieta who advocates Stack-Based Query Language.

7 Exclusive ICOODB Papers Published:

Sten Friedrich, TFH Berlin: RINQ Concept of a Ruby Integrated Query Language

Ruihua Jin, Marco Piccioni, ETH Zürich: Eiffel for .NET Binding for Db4o

Mikael Kopteff, Haaga-Helia-University: The Usage and Performance of Object Databases Compared with ORM Tools in a Java Environment

Moira NorrieMichael Grossniklaus, et. al., ETH Zürich: Semantic Data Management for db4o

Kazimierz Subieta et. al., Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology: Stack-Based Architecture and Stack-Based Query Language

Kazimierz Subieta et. al., Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology: Recursive Query Processing in SQBL

Kazimierz Subieta et. al., Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology: SQBL Object Views – Unlimited Mapping and Updatability

ICOODB 2009 Hosted by ETH Zürich

The second International Conference on Object Databases (ICOODB) will take place at ETH Zurich (Switzerland), on July 1-3, 2009, its conference chair will be Moira C. Norrie.

A Steering Committee for the future series of ICOODB conferences has been created. The Steering Commitee is composed of:

  • Mike Card, Syracuse Research
  • Rick Cattell, Consultant
  • William Cook, University of Texas at Austin
  • Stefan Edlich, TFH Berlin
  • Moira C. Norrie, ETH Zurich
  • James Paterson, Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Christof Wittig, db4objects
  • Roberto V. Zicari, Goethe University Frankfurt

More information about ICOODB 2009 on the ICOODB project site at TFH Berlin.

ODBMS.ORG (www.odbms.org) is a vendor-independent, not-for-profit educational program on object database technology and the integration between object-oriented programming and databases. Designed by Prof. Roberto Zicari of Frankfurt University, the program’s goal is to promote and further the use of object databases – by offering free resources for students, faculty and researchers at universities and research centers, as well as for JAVA and .NET developers in the commercial and the open source world. Content is provided by a panel of internationally recognized experts, who share research articles and teaching materials with the community via the organization’s Web portal.

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