ODBMS.ORG supports the 3rd International Conference on Objects and Databases (ICOODB 2010).

September 28-30, 2010 – Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt Germany.

San Francisco,CA/USA, Frankfurt/Germany. July 26, 2010 – ODBMS.ORG supports the 3rd International Conference on Objects and Databases ( ICOODB 2010) which will take place on September 28-30, 2010, at the Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany.

ICOODB 2010 is the third in a series of international conferences aimed at promoting the exchange of information and ideas between members of the objects and databases communities. A key feature of the conference is its goal to bring together developers, users and researchers. At the same time, the conference aims to meet the needs of the different sub-communities.

The ICOODB program 2010 consists of:
tutorials: “Object Databases” and “Patterns of Data Modeling”,
NoSQL Workshop ,
Research Track consisting of 10 peer-reviewed research papers ,
an Industry Track consisting of 10 industry presentations ,
and 3 keynotes, and 1 keynote panel.

Among the keynote speakers: Ulf Michael (Monty) Widenius, main author of the original version of the open-source MySQL database,Ricardo Baeza-Yates, VP, Yahoo! Research, Europe and Latin America, and several more.

The deadline for early registration is August 31, 2010. 
Registration online.

For the press:
You can download a .pdf with the announcement of the conference (.pdf).

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