Keynote Panel: “New and old Data stores” held at ICOODB 2010 Frankfurt on September 29, 2010. Part II of the Video of the Keynote Panel: “New and old Data stores”, held at ICOODB 2010 Frankfurt on September 29, 2010.

Panelists: Ulf Michael (Monty) Widenius, main author of the original version of the open source MySQL database. Michael Keith, architect at Oracle. Patrick Linskey, Apache OpenJPA project. Robert Greene, Chief Strategist Versant. Leon Guzenda, Chief Technology Officer Objectivity. Peter Neubauer, COO NeoTechnology.

Moderators: Alan Dearle, University of St. Andrew. Roberto V. Zicari, Goethe University Frankfurt.

The world of data management is changing. The linkage to service platforms, operation within scalable (cloud) platforms, object-relational bindings, NoSQL databases, and new approaches to concurrency control are all becoming hot topics both in academia and industry. The name NoSQL databases attempts to label the emergences of such growing number of non-relational, distributed data stores that often did not attempt to provide ACID properties. ACID properties are the key attributes of classic relational database systems. Such “new data stores” differ from classic relational databases, they may not require fixed table schemas, and usually avoid join operations and typically scale horizontally. The panel discussed the pros and cons of new data stores with respect to classical relational databases.