Cellular DBMS: Customizable and autonomous data management using a RISC-style architecture

Author:Dr. Syed Saif ur Rahman
Affiliation: Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany.

Abstract:We present the Cellular DBMS architecture, which is designed according to the RISC-style self-tuning database architecture proposed by Chaudhuri and Weikum in their VLDB 2000 paper. The Cellular DBMS architecture proposes to construct a large DBMS by using multiple RISC-style cells in concert, where each cell is atomic, customized, and autonomous instance of an embedded database.

Type of work: PhD

Area: In-Memory Databases, NoSQL Data Stores

No of Pages: 152

Year of completion: 2011

Name of supervisor/affiliation: : Prof. Dr. Gunter Saake/Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany


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