TPC Launches TPCx-HS: First Vendor-Neutral, Industry Standard Big Data Benchmark

“While Hadoop becomes a core data management platform in enterprises, the IT decision makers are challenged with what platform to pick in terms of performance, cost of ownership and energy efficiency.  To add to this, there have been several claims by vendors that are not easily verifiable or reproducible. TPCx-HS, industry’s first standard for benchmarking big data systems, is designed to provide metric and methodologies to enable fair comparisons of systems from various vendors. All the results are required to be reviewed before publication by an independent TPC auditor or a peer review committee and the reported pricing must be generally available to any customers. The TPC big data committee membership includes major systems and software vendors including IBM, Intel, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, SAP, VMware and others.

In an interview said Raghunath Nambiar, chairman of the TPC big data committee, and a distinguished engineer and chief architect of big data and analytics solutions, “TPCx-HS defines a level playing field for vendors to demonstrate the competitiveness of their technologies and products, buyers can use it to asses a broad range of system topologies and implementation methodologies of Hadoop systems in a technically rigorous and directly comparable and vendor-neutral manner”.  “This is the first major step in defining industry standards for benchmarking big data systems, and the TPC continues to invest in bringing other relevant standards to the industry”.

TPCx-HS – the TPC’s first “Express” class benchmark – is available online via downloadable kit and enables measurement of price, performance and energy consumption of big data systems

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) today announced the immediate availability of TPCx-HS, developed to provide verifiable performance, price/performance, availability, and optional energy consumption metrics of big data systems. TPCx-HS is the industry’s first objective specification enabling measurement of both hardware and software including Hadoop Runtime, Hadoop Filesystem API compatible systems and MapReduce layers. And – as the TPC’s first Express Benchmark™ – TPCx-HS is available via the TPC Web site in the form of a downloadable kit.

TPCx-HS can be used to asses a broad range of system topologies and implementation methodologies, in a technically rigorous and directly comparable, vendor-neutral manner. The specification is available online – via the TPC’s Web site – at the following URL:

“TPCx-HS is a major achievement in two distinct arenas,” said Raghunath Nambiar, chairman of the TPCx-HS committee, and a distinguished engineer at Cisco. “TPCx-HS is the first vendor-neutral benchmark focused on big data systems – which have become a critical part of the enterprise IT ecosystem. Secondly, TPCx-HS is the first Express-class benchmark issued by the TPC. Express-class benchmarks are being developed in response to overwhelming demand for a turnkey alternative to enterprise-class benchmarks, which have distinct advantages but are also substantially more time-intensive and costly to run.”

Big Data was identified as a priority area for vendor-neutral benchmark development during last year’s Technology Conference on Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking (TPCTC). This year’s TPCTC conference will be held in Hangzhou, China on September 5, co-located with VLDB 2014. Additional information is available online:

Organizations that are interested in influencing the TPC benchmarking development process, including benchmarks on Big Data, are encouraged to become members as well. Additional information is available online:




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