Dr. Beverly Jamison, American Psychological Association

Beverly Jamison, PhD, is the Senior Director, IT Architecture and Publishing Solutions at the American Psychological Association.
She holds a BSc in Math from MIT and a PhD in Computer Science from ODU.
She has taught at University of Hartford, Marymount University, and George Mason University. She presently leads the team that handles the information needs of the STM publishing operations at American Psychological Association (PsycINFO, PsycTESTS, journals and books, etc.).
She puts her backgrounds in graph theory and classic combinatorics to use directly in semantics and network graphs and indirectly in using the same top-down meets bottom-up approach to solutions design in her work.
Her favorite entities are people, places, and concepts, and given that psychology overlaps with about half the fields in a university catalog, there is no lack of opportunity for challenging problems with the latter.

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