Noelle Sio Saldana, Pivotal

Noelle Sio Saldana is a Principal Data Scientist at Pivotal (formerly Greenplum), with a background in mathematics, statistics, and data mining with an emphasis on digital media. Her work has mainly focused on helping companies across multiple industry verticals extend their analytical capabilities by exploring and modeling digital data, specifically to create an underlying analytics framework to optimize a consumer’s experience. Her previous projects include enabling multiple media companies to optimize their online campaigns via dynamic targeting and pricing, predicting online clicks and conversions, gaming/sports analytics, and developing traffic prediction methods for route optimization.

Previously, she worked as a researcher at eHarmony and Fox Interactive Media, where she leveraged massive datasets up to the petabyte level for marketing optimization, fraud detection, and ad monetization products. During her time at Greenplum, she was a among the first contributors to MADlib, an in-database machine learning library. Noelle holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and an A.B. in Applied Mathematics and Physical Anthropology.

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