Couchbase Essentials

Couchbase Essentials
Harness the power of Couchbase to build flexible and scalable applications

Author: John Zablocki
February 2015

About This Book

  • Learn how to install and configure Couchbase Server.
  • Explore Couchbase Servers’ extensive key/value API with examples from several popular programming languages.
  • Apply Map/Reduce techniques and patterns to find data in your Couchbase Server documents

Who This Book Is For

This book is for those application developers who want to achieve greater flexibility and scalability from their software. Whether you are familiar with other NoSQL databases or have only used relational systems, this book will provide you with enough background to move you along at your own pace. If you are new to NoSQL document databases, the design discussions and introductory material will give you the information you need to get started with Couchbase.

What You Will Learn

  • Download, install, and configure a single-node Couchbase Server cluster
  • Explore the Couchbase Server key/value APIs used to put data in and get data out of a Couchbase bucket
  • Review the basics of MapReduce as a programming model used to transform data structures
  • Create simple secondary indexes using Couchbase MapReduce views
  • Learn how to create advanced views to aggregate data in a Couchbase bucket
  • Understand how to design a schema for documents in a schema-less document database
  • Query for data in a Couchbase bucket using the new query language N1QL
  • Design and develop an application from scratch using Couchbase

In Detail

Couchbase is an extremely fast, flexible, and highly scalable database that applies MapReduce techniques and patterns to find data. Whether you need to store unstructured data or be able to store and retrieve vast amounts of data quickly, Couchbase Server is your database!

This book gives you enough information to successfully set up a Couchbase cluster and provides details on basic server maintenance. It then goes on to give you a detailed overview of how to program against Couchbase Server using both its key/value features and its document capabilities. It also introduces you to the concept of creating views using Couchbase’s implementation of MapReduce. This book will then conclude with a walkthrough of building an actual application from scratch using Couchbase.


John Zablocki

John Zablocki is the director of information technology at EF High School Exchange Year in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Previously, he worked at Couchbase Inc. as a developer advocate, maintaining the .NET SDK and delivering training to customers and users alike. John is the author of O’Reilly’s Orchard CMS. He is a frequent presenter at community events and has run Code Camps and user groups. He holds a Master’s degree in computer science from Rensselaer at Hartford, where he became an enthusiast of open source technology. John can be approached online at around Cambridge with his daughter, Mary Katherine; his dog, Lady; and his Fender Jaguar.

Book Details

ISBN 139781784394493
Paperback170 pages

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