NoSQL vs NewSQL Database Webinar

NoSQL vs NewSQL Database Webinar
Choose the Right Tool for the Right Job

The rise of big data has brought about a plethora of database options in the marketplace, but how do you choose between the different NoSQL and NewSQL options available? In “NoSQL vs NewSQL Databases – The Right Tool for the Right Job”, database expert Marie-Anne Neimat discusses how to navigate the different options and considerations based on your business needs.

In this Webinar, learn:

How to understand the data management landscape
Common business drivers and recommended solutions
Key differentiators to consider between NoSQL and NewSQL databases

Presenter: Marie-Anne Neimat
In-memory database pioneer Marie-Anne Neimat co-founded TimesTen, Inc., the first company to develop and commercialize an in-memory relational database. Neimat brings a track record of database innovation, serving as Vice President of Engineering for three of Oracle’s databases, namely Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database, which Oracle acquired, Oracle Berkeley Database, also acquired by Oracle, and Oracle NoSQL Database. Neimat is the holder of several patents, and the author of many publications in refereed conferences and journals. Neimat holds a BSC in mathematics from Stanford University and a PhD in computer science from UC Berkeley.

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