Running Databases? Get a 14X ROI almost Immediately!

November 17, 2015

Running Databases? Get a 14X ROI almost Immediately!

by Rob Commins | Vice President, Product Marketing, Tegile
Nobody in this business is immune from the winds of change. It wasn’t long ago that database vendors wanted to avoid virtualization scenarios, but today virtualization and cloud-speak have become central to their messaging. They’ve also embraced flash storage as a way to increase performance, but they have not been quite as keen to talk about flash as a way for their customers to save money on licensing. Go figure.

A long time research partner of Tegile’s, Wikibon, has produced several reports showing how much money can be saved in license and maintenance costs simply by moving to flash storage. In the example below, a $100,000 investment in flash storage yielded a $1.4 million reduction in licensing and maintenance costs. And that doesn’t include the economic benefits of running their applications faster.

Check out Wikibon’s research and take a hard look at how you can reduce your licensing costs by spending a fraction of it on flash storage. While you are at it, you should consider the whole storage enchilada and think about Dev/Test and data protection too. Not only do applications and data protection become much faster and easier to manage, but the total cost of storage can be cut almost in half. That’s a big, big deal.

If you want to talk to somebody about running your applications faster and saving money, we want to listen to you. Give us a call. That’s something else that doesn’t cost very much, but can generate big returns.


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