Mapping Big Data: A Data-Driven Market Report

Mapping Big Data

A Data-Driven Market Report

Publisher: O’Reilly
Released: September 2015

To discover the shape and structure of the big data market, the San Francisco-based startup Relato took a unique approach to market research and created the first fully data-driven market report. Company CEO Russell Jurney and his team collected and analyzed raw data from a variety of sources to reveal a boatload of business insights about the big data space. This exceptional report is now available for free download.

Using data analytic techniques such as social network analysis (SNA), Relato exposed the vast and complex partnership network that exists among tens of thousands of unique big data vendors. The dataset Relato collected is centered around Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR, the major platform vendors of Hadoop, the primary force behind this market.

From this snowball sample, a 2-hop network, the Relato team was able to answer several questions, including:

  • Who are the major players in the big data market?
  • Which is the leading Hadoop vendor?
  • What sectors are included in this market and how do they relate?
  • Which among the thousands of partnerships are most important?
  • Who’s doing business with whom?

Metrics used in this report are also visible in Relato’s interactive web application, via a link in the report, which walks you through the insights step-by-step.

Russell Jurney is CEO of Relato, a San Francisco area startup that maps markets to drive sales and marketing. He is the author of Agile Data Science and co-author of Big Data for Chimps (both O’Reilly). In addition, Russell is an Apache Committer on the Incubating DataFu project. Russell is a full stack engineer.

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