Cortex AG Analytical NoSQL Platform goes to the Cloud

The Analytical NoSQL Platform of Cortex AG goes to the Cloud
The digitalization of company processes is available starting now also as a Service

Isernhagen, on October 19, 2015. The corporation Cortex AG with registered offices in Isernhagen/Hannover, provider of the innovative CortexPlatform, informs that their NoSQL technology is to be available for the future also as a Service in the Cloud. Therefore, companies shall be enabled to make available to their users, quickly and promptly, analytical applications based on large, complex amounts of data.

For this purpose, CortexPlatform is to be used as an analytical Platform as a Service (PaaS) and is available as an isolated testing system in the Cloud. The users can upload their data in a safe environment and may use the existing technology, no maintenance included. This includes, in particular, the NoSQL Database CortexDB, the import tool CortexImPlex and the CortexUniPlex front-end application.
The ETL functionality (Extract, Transform and Load) of the CortexImPlex allows the comfortable and non-transformation entry of the data in the database.

The schema-less NoSQL database CortexDB indexes all fields and their content by a unique and completely automated indexing method making it available for any questioning combination. By it, the data with the same content from various sources may be reunited in central locations or may be interconnected. The database uses Graph-technology in order to represent the relationships of the data amongst them, without costly software and joins. Additionally, it may illustrate oprational as well as analytical data in one single system. It may also store historical, current and future values for each and every field content. Drafting and changing the database scheme is also possible in live operation, at any moment, without programming expenses.

With the integrated Front-end CortexUniPlex, any custom enterprise application can be crafted. Additionally, the open character of the system offers the possibility to read data in own applications or to include them in external Web-Templates. Additionally, the server-side integration of the V8-JavaScript-Engine completes the system, in order to modify content automatically or event controlled inside the database.

Dr. Wolfgang Martin, a leading European capacity in the field of Business Analytics, Big Data and Cloud Computing, examined carefully this technology in a Research-Letter. He is convinced that the CortexPlatform makes it possible for a new class of applications, which shall be used for the future digitalization of organizations and processes. He sees the CortexPlatform as “the best choice when about selecting development platforms (PaaS) for network systems, complex configurations, very large quantities of data and for systems with many data dependencies, as well as constant changes“. Because the quick, prompt and programming-free development of applications and their change in current operation, linking at will of various sources of data without the need to transform, the simultaneous access to structured and non-structured analytical and transactional data, as well as the bi-temporal representation of all data during the time, make the Cortex Platform one of her kind. This NoSQL technology is, according to Dr. Martin’s statements, the correct choice for all the applications of a company where relational technologies were brought to their limits.

For the growing digitalization of companies, the merger of the increased structures and of purchased companies, the representation of reports and dependencies, as well as a continuously changing environment, there is no other proper technology than the Multi-Model NoSQL database known as the CortexPlatform. In trading, for example, the Omni-Channel Marketing topic is a challenge, where all individual sales channels merge at Touch-Points in one common purchase environment. Multi-Model databases like CortexPlatform seem to be precisely carried out for such purpose.

The Master-Date project management of industrial companies showed that such innovative technology is superior to relational systems when it is about illustrating recursive structures and dependencies of data. Even the vision of semantic networks is feasible with Multi-Model databases such as the CortexPlatform.
As a Cloud-solution, the companies take additional advantage in the Service of Hardware-availability, in the absence of maintenance and in the presence of security. Of course the platform is also available to be installed on your own hardware.

In order to get an idea, a Demo is available on the Web.
The detailed Research-Letter of Dr. Wolfgang Martin may be seen here.


Research Letter March 2015
Positioning CortexDB – Innovative Bi-Temporal, Multimodal NoSQL Technology
By Dr. Wolfgang Martin
CortexDB is a bi-temporal, multimodal NoSQL database technology proving a flexi- ble platform for agile enterprise web applications. It has been developed based on findings in brain research.

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