Today MemSQL 5 Beta is publicly available! MemSQL customers have been able to achieve remarkable results with our database, and we look forward to feedback on this upcoming release from our user community.

MemSQL 5 Beta

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This release aligns with our 5th anniversary as a company and it is our most ambitious release to date. Over the past five years, we have learned how to deliver real-time analytics to a broad market, all while maintaining our focus on building a mature, enterprise-ready distributed database.

Our First Public Beta

Starting with MemSQL 4 last year, we introduced a free unlimited scale and unlimited capacity Community Edition. With users of Community Edition now thriving, we felt it was appropriate to share a Beta version of our upcoming release.

A Commitment to the Enterprise

MemSQL has always maintained an enterprise focus, ensuring our database delivers the maturity and functionality to serve the most demanding workloads. In MemSQL 5, you will see our continued efforts to improve across several key areas:

Full Transactional SQL
MemSQL is a scalable, performant database that retains the time-tested relational properties of SQL. In MemSQL 5, we have expanded coverage to our SQL surface area with improved EXPLAIN, temporary tables and window functions, furthering our commitment to support a wide range of database operations on our distributed system.

Query Optimization and Compilation Enhancements
For analytical workloads, we have continued to refine our query optimization to deliver faster query response times. We have also improved code compilation to maximize performance.

Faster Columnstore Query Execution
MemSQL includes an SSD/disk-based columnstore. This helps customers store large volumes of data in MemSQL, always available with a simple SQL query. The columnstore uses SSD or disk for data storage, and RAM for caching for an optimum mix of capacity and performance. In MemSQL 5, we have refined query execution to deliver better performance across a range of queries.

Detailed Table and Query Statistics
MemSQL 5 includes improved table and query statistics to provide a holistic view of database performance.

Building Modern Database Applications with MemSQL

In addition to well-understood database models, MemSQL allows you to go beyond what previous databases or data warehouses were capable of. We’d invite you to consider some of the following options.

High-Volume Transactional Workloads
MemSQL excels at high volume transactional workloads, including those where real-time analytics come into play. With MemSQL you can ingest millions of records per second, and run queries with results accurate to the last transaction.

Data Warehouses with Live Data
In the past, data warehouses were batch-loaded with data after-the-fact. With MemSQL, you can send live data to the database and run complex analytical queries with ease, all in a non-blocking infrastructure. MemSQL allows you to take an overnight process and turn it into a continuous process.

Real-Time Data Pipelines with Apache Kafka and Spark
MemSQL Streamliner supports modern streaming workloads using the power of Apache Spark, and enables our customers to stream, persist, and analyze hundreds of terabytes of data a day without writing any code. Easily connect to Apache Kafka as a real-time message queue, or use a custom extract to pull data from your preferred source.

MemSQL 5 is also our most secure, robust, and performant release. You can find the full list of improvements in our release notes.

Share your feedback

Please share your feedback with our product and engineering teams at We look forward to working with you to help solve your database and application requirements.

Eric Frenkiel, CEO and co-founder
Nikita Shamgunov, CTO and co-founder

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