HPE UFT and LeanFT third service pack for version 12.5 is now available.

HPE UFT and LeanFT third service pack for version 12.5 is now available. Get yours here.

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As companies across all industries are working to release software that drives their business innovation faster with exceptional quality, more focus is being put on the ability to test more and test faster while leveraging the efforts of development teams to grow test automation and shift testing earlier in the lifecycle, what the industry calls “shift left” testing.   In line with this dynamic, the Hewlett Packard Enterprise functional testing research and development teams are also delivering faster with quality, adding an array of new features to our functional testing suite designed to shift testing left while increasing the ease and coverage of test automation in today’s mobile and hybrid cloud application environment.

In just a few short months, the third service pack on top of version 12.5 of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Unified Functional Testing (UFT) and LeanFT has just been released! And there is so much that we were able to accomplish in the short time since the release of the second service pack on top of 12.5.

I will try to focus in this blog only on the capabilities that I believe made the biggest impact on functional testing and test automation for the majority of our users, if you want to be exposed to everything, please check our “what’s new” documentation.

In Unified Functional Testing:

  • Docker: As more applications are being targeted to run in containers, UFT now enables you to perform remote actions on your containerized Docker applications. Use these new activities to: DockerLogo.png
    • Download an image of the Docker container that contains your application
    • Run an image containing the application
    • Stop the container currently running the test

Users can also test the application from the Docker container using standard UFT activities.

  • Mobile testing enhancements: This version of UFT supports enhanced functionality for both native and hybrid mobile apps. For example, UFT now enables you to:
    1. Configure devices and applications for your tests directly from the new Mobile Center
    2. Support non-packaged apps. This means you no longer need to package apps to upload them to Mobile Center.
    3. Test mobile web apps using the device’s native browser – Safari for iOS devices, and Chrome for Android devices.
    4. And more…
  • OData: New API protocol support was added, allowing you to import the OData service (from a file or from a URL) and to construct a test using the service’s resources and methods just like you would do in a REST service.
  • Amazon Web Services: (AWS) Marketplace is a new place and platform from which you can buy and run UFT tests,  AmazonWebservices_Logo.pngAWS can help you access the infrastructure required to run enterprise projects without major investment and maintenance.  Now you can use AWS, in a pay-per-use model, to access a system that contains the latest version of UFT pre-installed on multiple combinations of operation systems and browsers.

Click here to get started with UFT on Amazon.

  • Synthetic data generation for HPE Business Process Testing (BPT) tests: Use the new BPT Test Combinations Generator to create synthetic data for your test runs instead of manually creating all possible parameter values. All that is needed is to select a desired parameter, specify its type and format, and the values will be automatically generated. Real time saver.
  • Major improvements to the MS UI Automation and Web Accessibility toolkit: These improvements  expanding the value of these capabilities that were provided in our previous service packs
  • Support for Autopass License Server version 9.1: that expose our users admin to its powerful ‘User Hub’ consumption report.JPG
  • Additions to our Product Availability Matrix: (PAM) around these technologies: SAP Terminal Emulators, Angular JS, DevExpress, Infragistics, MS Dynamics, NWBC, QT, TCPLink

In LeanFT –HPE’s streamlined software test automation solution that integrates natively in developer environments and supports popular programming languages:

  • Parallel execution on the same machine: Speed up your testing by running in parallel multiple tests on the same host on your Web applications. Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership because with one LeanFT license you can execute up to four tests at a time.
  • IntelliJ IDEA is now supported with LeanFT for creating LeanFT’s test projects and enjoying all the advantages of our solution like application models and the identification center.


  • TestNG, NUnit3, Maven-based Java projects are now supported, expanding our support of unit-test frameworks
  • JavaScript SDK main enhancements: OCR, More tech: Insight, SAPUI5, Access to the NativeObject, Checkpoints
  • Creating Business Components for BPT
  • Mobile testing enhancements: Using LeanFT and Mobile Center 2.00, you can now:
    1. Support non-packaged apps. This means you no longer need to package apps and to upload them to Mobile Center.
    2. Dynamically select and lock a device for your test by specifying the device’s operating system type and version.
    3. Access mobile device logs from the LeanFT run report.
    4. and more…
  • Business Process Testing (BPT) is now supported as you can transform any LeanFT test to become a LeanFT business component, bringing together the best of both worlds—rapid test automation leveraging developer environments and the ease of creation and maintenance that comes from adopting a component test framework .

 As always this is a cumulative service pack and as such it includes in it the previous SP versions, so if you are using older versions of UFT or QTP, simply install this release which will remove the older one as part of the installation process without harming your test assets.

Now that you know what’s new in UFT 12.53 is all about, would you like to get your hands on it?

And if you want to learn how you can leverage your software test automation efforts and have complete quality visibility with lean, DevOps software development, check out HPE’s new ALM Octane, bringing speed, quality and scale to your Continuous Integration and Testing practices.

To learn more about UFT, LeanFT and Functional Testing visit us at:

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