Neo4j Decreases Development Time-to-Market for LinkedIn’s Chitu App

Neo4j Decreases Development Time-to-Market for LinkedIn’s Chitu App

Neo4j Graph Database Helps LinkedIn China Launch Separate Professional Social Networking App

SAN MATEO, CA – June 22, 2016 – Neo Technology, creator of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, today announced that LinkedIn China used Neo4j to successfully launch a new social platform, Chitu, in record time, and ultimately attract a meaningful segment of the Chinese professional networking market. By taking advantage of the tools offered by Neo4j, Chitu has become one of the fastest-growing social networks in China.

Launched by LinkedIn but operating as an entirely separate entity with nearly a million users across China today, Chitu is geared to attract young Chinese professionals new to the workforce. The app seeks to engage jobseekers through a game-like user interface that is available on both desktop and mobile devices. Not unlike LinkedIn, the tool provides users with the opportunities to grow their networks via connections and direct messaging, but also provides opportunities for in-person meetings and networking events.

The Chitu team knew that getting the application up and running as quickly as possible would be crucial if they wanted to effectively compete with other social networking apps in the market – all while allowing room for significant user and feature growth and search large volumes of data with no performance issues.

“The challenge was speed,” said Bin Dong, Manager of Development at Chitu. “Due to the rate of growth we saw from our competitors in the Chinese market, we knew that we had to launch Chitu as quickly as possible.”

Why Neo4j?

“Because Neo4j is the number one graph database in the graph database market,” said Dong.

With the wide variety of online tools provided by Neo4j — including books, videos and robust customer support — the Chitu DevOps team was able to quickly learn how to use Neo4j. A few short days after being introduced to the database, the team was able to start programming.

The engineering team immediately noticed the difference in Neo4j’s processing speed, especially compared to MySQL, and programming was incredibly easy. Queries can now be performed in record time, and the company was able to launch the first version of its application in only four months.

In the near future, Chitu will take advantage of additional functions of Neo4j — such as its ability to perform influencer calculations — to grow its user base and make the platform more robust.

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