Insight to Action: GigaSpaces In-Memory Computing Product Line

Insight to Action: GigaSpaces In-Memory Computing Product Line

GigaSpaces is introducing a suite of mission-critical application transaction processing and real-time analytics products to provide value to businesses at all levels.
The In-Memory Computing Product Line, which now includes InsightEdge, provides two complimentary products: XAP, which delivers data processing at millisecond speed and InsightEdge which enables real- time data analytics. Together, these products integrate a high-performance data grid combined with Apache Spark to provide event streaming and scalable enterprise storage to power a world of fast data applications. The In-Memory Computing Product Line delivers enterprise grade high-availability, security, reliability and real-time performance while dramatically lowering both hardware and operational costs of critical applications and data. GigaSpaces’ products have been battle-tested at Tier-1 enterprises in the worlds of Finance, Telecommunications, Transport and Logistics, Healthcare, Insurance and e-Commerce.

The purpose of this document is to map the In-Memory Computing Product Line, illustrating the main use cases for each product and assisting developers and enterprises in determining which tool will best meet their specific needs.

Download White Paper (.PDF): Insight to Action- IMC Product Line White Paper

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