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This example processes begin and end call events from a call center. Pair/join events in VoltDB to create a definitive record of completed calls.

The Hadoop Fast Data app demonstrates how VoltDB integrates seamlessly with Hadoop by leveraging its export subsystems and its Hadoop-based ingesters. To view the app click here(link is external).


The Fast Data Streaming app simulates real-time click stream processing. Click events are ingested into VoltDB at a high rate, then cleaned up and persisted into a data warehouse for historical analysis. Segmentation information is calculated in the data warehouse and stored back into VoltDB. VoltDB uses the information to segment real-time events for per-event decisioning.


This example demonstrates geospatial functionality that was added to VoltDB in version 6.0. The problem space for this demo is serving ads to many mobile device users based on their location in real time.

The Metro Card application performs high velocity transaction processing for metro cards, transactions including card generation during the initialization, and card swipes during the benchmark.

Voter is bundled with the VoltDB kit.  This sample application simulates a phone-based election process. Voters (based on phone numbers generated randomly by the client application) are allowed a limited number of votes.


This example app performs real-time analytics on fast moving data. It’s a representative implementation of the speed layer in the Lambda Architecture.

The Ad Performance sample application simulates a high velocity stream of ad events (impressions, clickthroughs, conversions) that are enriched and ingested in real time.

The National Best Bid & Offer (NBBO)  sample app defines the lowest available ask price and highest available bid price across the participating markets for a given security. Brokers should route trade orders to the market with the best price, and by law must guarantee customers the best available price.



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