HPE Vertica 8 “Frontloader”

HPE Vertica 8 “Frontloader” front and center at HPE Big Data Conference 2016

jeffhealey  2 weeks ago

More than a thousand attendees from data-driven organizations converged at the HPE Big Data Conference today to hear Colin Mahony, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Big Data Platform, HPE Software, announce yet another HPE innovative technology milestone for the industry — HPE Vertica Analytics Platform 8, code named “Frontloader.”

Building on the mantra of code names representing heavy equipment to signify power at scale, and “Excavator” as its predecessor, HPE Vertica 8 “Frontloader” delivers dozens of features and technologies to drive the most demanding Big Data analytical initiatives. With HPE Vertica 8, organizations no longer need to make painful compromises when considering deployment options, where to store and analyze data, and how to incorporate promising and emerging open source technologies to their Big Data stacks.

HPE Vertica 8 enables you to deploy and analyze anywhere with a unified architecture and advanced in-database analytics to conduct sophisticated analysis and industry-leading scale and speed, regardless of where your data resides, additional cloud deployment options, and tight integration with Hadoop open source technologies.

Here are the top eight features of HPE Vertica 8, each equally important for you to avoid accidental architectures and realize the full potential of your Big Data analytics initiative:

1. Experience In-Database Machine Learning at Scale – With Vertica’s new in-database applied machine learning algorithms, your teams can natively create and deploy R based machine learning models directly in Vertica for larger sets of data, accelerating the decision making process with pinpoint accuracy. For an in-depth overview of these ML algorithms, check out our recorded webcast – Building, Training, and Operationalizing Predictive Analytic Models with HPE Vertica.

2. Run Analytics on Hadoop in Place – Now, your users can derive even more value from your Hadoop data lakes with Vertica’s high-performance Parquet and ORC Readers that enable your users to securely access and analyze data that resides in Hadoop data lakes without copying or moving the data.

3. Deploy on AWS and Microsoft Azure – You now have multi-cloud deployment options. Vertica is optimized for both AWSand now Microsoft Azure cloud deployment. The new Vertica release also incorporates expanded AWS support with seamless access to S3, tighter security, and more.

4. Tap into Apache Spark – The new Apache Spark Adapter provides fast data exchange between Vertica and Spark systems so that data scientists can build more robust machine learning models in Spark for queries on small data sets and tap into extensive Vertica in-database SQL analytics for the most sophisticated queries on the largest data volumes at massive scale.

5. Accelerate Loading and Query Speed with Bullet-Proof Reliability – HPE Vertica 8 accelerates the loading of tables with hundreds of columns by distributing the load among nodes, resulting in up to 700% performance improvements. This latest release is resilient for demanding environments. HPE Vertica will also execute queries with a modified query plan even when a node fails, ensuring queries run fast, no matter what challenges occur.

6. Visually Monitor Apache Kafka Streaming – HPE Vertica 8 builds on native integration with Apache Kafka, an open source publish-subscribe messaging system, by enabling administrators to visually monitor stream loading and health rate in the Vertica Management Console.

7. Secure Your Data from End to End – HPE Vertica 8 now integrates with HPE SecureData to provide end-to-end protection by encrypting data in parallel on each node in the cluster.

8. Rely on FIPS Compliance – This release now implements the Federal Information Processing (FIPS) 140-2 standard to meet the cryptography requirements for government and public sector organizations.

Follow us on @HPE_BigData, join us in Boston, or watch the live streaming from HPE Big Data Conference 2016 to learn more about HPE Vertica 8 and hear how the most advanced data-driven organizations — AOL, Avito, Bank of New York Mellon, Cerner, China PnR, Etsy, GlaxoSmithKline, New York Genome Center, Spanish Ministry of Interior, Uber, and – rely on HPE to #SeizeTheData.

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