NuoDB 2.5 Simplifies Database Migration for Technology Companies Expanding to Cloud Delivery Models

NuoDB 2.5 Simplifies Database Migration for Technology Companies Expanding to Cloud Delivery Models 

 Cloud-native benefits, including elastic scale, high availability, and reduced costs, drive increased software application adoption

Cambridge, MA – September 13, 2016 – NuoDB, the elastic database for cloud-enabled applications, today announced the general availability of NuoDB Release 2.5, as well as significant customer adoption among application providers and independent software vendors (ISVs) in the first half of 2016. ISVs added to the customer roster include BuyWinRCauseSquare, Docunetix, PaystarSyncUpUnifying Solution, and WideOrbit. These and others join NuoDB’s already established roster of software customers, many of whom – such as Dassault SystèmesKodiak, and UAE Exchange – have gone into production with new applications since January of this year.

 With this release, NuoDB makes it easier to migrate existing applications off of inflexible, legacy databases and onto NuoDB’s cloud-enabled offering. Specifically, Release 2.5 includes a wealth of SQL enhancements – such as window functions and SQL optimizations – and added capabilities to the management interface to make it even simpler to monitor, manage, and adjust the database. These improvements strengthen NuoDB’s unique ability to support on-premises SQL applications transitioning to a cloud environment.

 Savvy software vendors with historically on-premises offerings are increasingly diversifying their portfolio to add cloud-based versions of their software. In its most recent report, the Software Equity Group indicated that public software as a service (SaaS) companies grew at 28.5 percent compared to just 7.3 percent for public software companies that primarily offered perpetual, on-premises software[i].

 The architectural rigidity of traditional relational databases makes it difficult for ISVs to capitalize on cloud benefits such as on-demand provisioning and pricingminimal (or even zero) downtime, lower financial risk, and faster deployment. Conversely, NuoDB’s Durable Distributed Cache architecture is fundamentally designed to operate in a cloud or containerized environment, delivering the elasticity, agility and global accessibility a cloud delivery model promises.

 As part of its commitment to the software industry in general and the start-up community in particular, NuoDB also offers a “Jump Start” program that provides qualified start-ups a limited Development License. With NuoDB, start-up CTOs can architect and develop around a production-ready database that natively supports ACID transactions, ANSI SQL, redundancy and rolling upgrades instead of an open source database that doesn’t provide the necessary functionality for cloud-based applications.

 “Given its focus on cloud applications, NuoDB provides us with the perfect combination of traditional relational databases and NoSQL databases,” said Walid Darwish, co-founder and CTO, CauseSquare. “We not only get a database that can maintain exceptionally high availability, we also can easily (and cost-effectively) add capacity when we need it without compromising on transactional consistency or data durability.”

 “Major podcasters rely on WideOrbit software to manage ad injection and monetization so we need a database that ensures transactional consistency and integrity at scale,” said Stephen Jazdzewski, Lead Developer, WO On Demand, WideOrbit Inc. “NuoDB’s SQL database is the most cost-effective and flexible database for our needs because it scales to meet the requirements of an on-demand world and our growing business. NuoDB gives me one less thing to worry about so I can focus on helping my team build out our application for wide adoption.”

 “We were looking for a cloud solution that would help us scale globally, and found NuoDB to be that solution,” said James Scanlan, chief operating officer, SyncUp.

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About NuoDB

NuoDB’s purpose-built SQL database combines the simplicity, rigor, and reliability of a traditional relational database with the elasticity and agility provided by the cloud. 

 As application vendors and enterprises increasingly turn to the hybrid cloud to support a growing customer base, they rely on NuoDB as the only database that can maintain transactional consistency and integrity at global scale. These organizations trust NuoDB to meet all their needs as they run applications in the cloud.

NuoDB is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, USA, with offices in Dublin and Belfast. For more information, visit


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